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Sanitary Disposal

We offer a range of sanitary bins by size, colour, and service interval to meet your exact requirements. We provide electronic proof of service and free duty of care.

Sanitary Bins Lytham St Annes

Sanitary Bin Disposal Units

Looking for a quality service and a very competitive price for your sanitary waste disposal?

We are a family owned independent washroom services company with our directors experience of over 40 years in the sector. Our focus has always been for a quality service and at a very competitive price, often much less than many of our competitors.

Once we have established your requirements we will provide quickly a fully itemised simple no fuss or jargon quotation to you. There are no hidden extras and unlike many others we do not charge for Waste Transfer & Duty of Care documentation.

Whether you refer them as sanitary bins or feminine hygiene units we have an extensive range of hands free bins that can be installed on your premises.

Whether a single bin or hundreds across multiple sites we can fulfill your requirements.

The questions we get asked most are:

  • How often do sanitary bins need servicing?
  • What size sanitary bin is needed?
  • Do you charge extra for the Duty of Care?
  • Who owns the sanitary bin?

Most of our sites are on monthly servicing, with a standard size 23 litre bin. We don’t charge any extras like for your Duty of Care document. We provide the sanitary bin and install at your premises. We cater for all types of business and sometimes smaller sanitary bins may be required, and servicing may be seasonal such as holiday parks. Whatever your sanitary bin requirements it won’t be something we have not done before.

Sanitary Bin Range

Dimensions 15 litre

Height: 400mm
Width: 160mm
Depth: 540mm

Dimensions 23 litre

Height: 550mm
Width: 160mm
Depth: 540mm

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Sanitary Bag Dispensers

Designed for installation alongside feminine hygiene units, these dispensers make a caring statement to the end user while aiding service and promoting maximum hygiene.

  • Hygienic accessory to compliment the feminine hygiene unit
  • Modern design suitable for individual cubicles
  • Accommodates a renewable pack of 25 poly bags which is changed on a regular basis by our service lady
  • Avoids ladies having to wrap soiled dressings in toilet tissue
  • Proven to be cost effective
  • Avoids staining on and around the feminine hygiene unit
  • Simple installation with double sided adhesive pad included
  • May also be drilled to the wall
  • Available in white, designer, and bright chrome

Sanitary Bag Dispenser Range

*Pack of 25 ladysafe bags

Dimensions 15 litre

Height: 175mm
Width: 122mm
Depth: 33mm

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Free Duty of Care

What is a Duty of Care Certificate?

A Duty of Care Certificate or Waste Transfer Note is a legal document that must be completed when waste is transferred from one party to another. It is proof that the business or owner is disposing of their waste legally and responsibly. A Duty of care certificate will provide the below information –

  • Provides the waste carrier details and their waste carriers licence number issued by the Environmental Agency.
  • Information as to who produced the waste and where the waste was produced.
  • Provides a clear trail as to who collected the waste and how the waste is disposed of.
  • Itemises the type of waste collected and the form it is collected in.

How Much Should a Duty of Care Cost?

Many service companies charge for issuing a Duty of Care Certificate often between £30 or £50 or more per annum.

Our DUTY OF CARE CERTIFICATION is FREE. Our computer systems allows these to be automatically generated and can even be emailed to our customers.

Why choose us..

At Millennium Hygiene we are here to support all our customers with continual customer service and training with added value services to provide a simple and clear guidance of their requirements.

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  • Our PromisePutting our customers first by delivering Safety, Service and Support everyday
  • Our ValueTraining and support for total peace of mind
  • Our TeamPeople who listen, support and deliver a working partnership
  • Our SystemsWe use the latest in Microsoft applications, Datafile software accounting and Ipad devices
  • Our PerformanceA quality service you can rely on
  • Our ProductsManufactured to the highest quality standards to provide lasting reliability

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