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What’s the big deal with Sanitary bins?

Workplaces should always provide sanitary bins, whether intended for nappies, feminine hygiene, medical waste or anything else that would be considered inappropriate to dispose of in ‘normal’ litter bins. Making sure that there is some form of sanitary bin in any public sectors ensures that people know where to dispose of these forms of waste and can do so accordingly.

You may not be aware that sanitary bins are extremely dangerous. Why we hear you say?!

Harmful germs that land on bins can be a great risk to your health and wellbeing. Every time a toilet is flushed, mist evaporates into the air and lands onto sanitary bins next to the toilet, which contains the likes of Salmonella and E.coli. Having your bin professionally disposed of may be the best solution to ensure that you in-house cleaner does not go off on long-term sick! We know how to dispose of these bins effectively and will have the correct equipment to do so.

Sanitary bins come in all shapes and sizes. They can be easily cleaned to get rid of any bugs or bacteria that may be present. Keeping bins hygienic in public places is essential, especially when there are so many people using them throughout the course of the day.

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You can opt for pedal or sensor bins so that the bin itself doesn’t ever need to be touched when disposing of sanitary items. There will be germs inside and outside of the bin, therefore safeguarding that hygiene is kept up to an ideal standard means that bins should be operated without having to be touched at all.

Every sanitary bin should be of a suitable size due to the large amounts of waste that will be needed to be disposed of every single day. Overfilling bins that aren’t large enough to cope with the amount of waste will cause severe and rather unpleasant odours, if bins are emptied at certain times of the day and not all that regularly.

Ensure that the quantity of bins is suitable for the area and big enough for everyone to use to prevent overfilling. If the bins do become full too quickly; the next issue would be that waste could be thrown down the toilet causing blockages that will add up to even more of an expense. Investing in the correct bin initially will save a great deal of money, time and effort for all involved. We can help calculate what you will need don’t worry.

It Is also important to know that sanitary bins are NOT the same as ordinary bins that are in shopping centres and on high-streets. Sanitary items such as bandages, sanitary towels and nappies are disposed of differently than usual waste which is taken to landfills, due to governing laws. 

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